Presentation Folders A5 Spot UV

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Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders printed Full Colour (CMYK). Both – Single Sided and Double Sided printing options available. Please select a preferred template:

Download PF13     Single sided, flap, 4mm gusset, 5mm spinepf131

Holds 90 x 55 Business Card, Fits 24 pages / 48pp Book
Finished Size 228 x 156 mm, Flat Size 297 x 370 mm
Forme Code PF13_A5_SSFAG


Download PF16    Single sided, flap, 4mm gusset, 5mm spinepf161

Holds 90 x 55 Business Card, Fits 24 pages / 48pp Book
Finished Size 158 x 228 mm, Flat Size 228 x 518 mm
Forme Code PF16_A5_LS_SSFAG


Download PF17     Single sided, flap, no gussetpf171

Holds 90 x 55 Business Card, Fits 8pages / 16pp Book
Finished Size 228 x 156 mm, Flat Size 292 x 360 mm
Forme Code PF17_A5_SSFNG


Download PF18  Single sided, flap, no gussetpf181

Holds 90 x 55 Business Card, Fits 16 pages / 8pp Book
Finished Size 158 x 228 mm, Flat Size 225 x 509 mm
Forme Code PF18_A5_LS_SSFNG


Formecut templates contain a ‘knife’.
• The ‘knife’ file has been set-up on the locked ‘template’ layer of the Indesign file.
• Place your PDF file on the ‘file’ layer and create a new PDF file. The new file will include the ‘knife’.
Template Colour
• We have set all our ‘knife’ lines in Pantone colour ‘072’ and the swatch has been renamed ‘knife’.
• PLEASE NOTE: It is important that this remains unchanged.
About the ‘knife’ file
• The ‘knife’ file on the ‘template’ layer is an indicator of where the job will fold. It will not print on your job.
• Please do not alter this file as it represents a pre-determined folded section.
• Only apply forme to the front artwork. If your artwork is double sided the back artwork (second page of the PDF) does not require the knife line
• Ensure that you have 3mm (minimum) of bleed where any background colour/images extend past the trim edge.
• PLEASE refer to the number that is on the PDF file name, so that we can match up that template with your print job. i.e.: PF13_A5_SSFAG.pdf


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